KRIS :: Black overo colt
KRIS :: Black overo colt

Dream Makers Krome Kringle

Black Overo Colt
Foaled: 12/24/10



KRIS :: Black overo colt
KRIS :: Black overo colt

"Kris" is a gorgeous black and white overo colt. His height is 31.50 inches tall measured on 4/22/14, he is very well proportioned and will make a tremendous asset to anyone who wants to breed overo horses. He is the grandson and great grandson of Oh Cisco, a very loud black and white frame overo stallion. He has great bloodlines and his dam is out of the Gold Melody Boy and Roan Ranger bloodlines.  "Kris" test negative for LWO and heterozygous for black.

"Kris" has been professionally trained to pull a cart for 3 months (May, June, July) by Rene Millar of Phoenix, Arizona. The YouTube video of "Kris" pulling a cart is only after 2 weeks of training.  Rene's 7 year old grand daughter plays with Kris every time she visits. He is registered A & R and is very laid back and will make an excellent driving horse for shows with his awesome color, he will attract the judges attention to him.

Kris is up to date on worming, vaccinations and hoof care.  If you are looking for a stallion for a herd sire to give you unbelievable color, then Kris is the one for you, above is his pedigree and a video of him being trained to drive.

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