Circle S Cisco Kid
Ee o/n Aa

Circle S Cisco Kid (AMHR)
Mini Bucks Cisco Kid (AMHA)

Bay Frame Overo
Foaled: 9/10/96
Height: 31.5"
Registered: AMHA & AMHR
Not For Sale

"C.K." as we call him is another of our frame overo herd sire, and half brother to Kid and Blue.  When I saw "C.K.", I knew he could do great things for us, and I was lucky enough to know the owners of him, Dave and  Sally Stephens-Happel of Mini Bucks Farm who were gracious enough to let me have him, and I will always be grateful that Sally considered me as his new owner.  He is a visual frame overo and has tested POSITIVE for the FRAME OVERO GENE.

He stands only 31.75" tall, and is a deep rich mahognany bay.  He has terrific conformation, straight legs, and a level topline.  He has a great temperment, and is very easy to handle. He will have a long life with us, siring frame overo foals. He has proved his worth several times over.  He reduces the size of his foals and with his stature and conformation, he will sire national show champions.

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