Encore Mask of Zorro
Ee n/n aa

Encore Mask of Zorro

Black Sabino Overo
Foaled: 6/13/00
Height: 29"
Registered: AMHA & AMHR
Not For Sale


Zorro is one of the finest small black sabino overo stallions I have ever seen.  He has tested negative for the frame overo gene.  We were very fortunate to be able to acquire him, as I had been looking for a small black sabino stallion to breed to our frame mares, and he was exactly what I was looking for.  We wish to thank Elaine Taylor Encore Farms for producing such a small wonderful colt.   His lineage includes Komokos Little Champ, Komokos Whiskey, Komokos Bourbon Balls and Komokos King Tut.  He has Komoko line breeding back 5 generations, and comes from very small well known show  winners. Zorro has terrific conformation, large eyes, and small stature.  He has crossed very well with the "OH CISCO LINE" of frame mares that we have. Zorro is the sire to a lot of our foals and we look forward to all of his wonderful offspring each year.

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